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The MY PS Psychometric Personality Analysis is a standardized and normalized tool, which diagnoses accurately the potential and personal resources within the context of further social and professional development. The personality analysis is a fully digital and automated tool, in which the user after responding to 120 statements, receives a report of about 25 pages. In the report the user will find information regarding personality dimensions, personality components (correlation of 36 features), preferred professional areas, optimal for himself work environment, strengths, development determinants, internal resources and area of professional interest.

The MY PS test is based on the personality model that assumes the existence of a six-factor personality structure – HEXACO, by Dr. Kibeom Lee and Dr. Michael C. Ashton.

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The use of the correlation of 36 features allows for an accurate diagnosis of resources and development opportunities of an individual. Therefore, the Psychometric Personality Analysis can be effectively used during recruitment to an organization, career counseling, coaching sessions, and determining the career path

Innovative support of the personality development and competences

Generated report from the conducted research improves the process of planning further development and creative changes, based on the positive character features, strengths and individual personality predispositions, which the examined individual is often unaware of. Realizing and describing them can be an inspiration and motivation for harmonious development, in particular further educational and professional choices, as well as developing abilities and talents. Properly directed human predispositions will result in social commitment, sensitivity, passion, and the will to improve and develop. At the same time, they will be a source of satisfaction and contentment to be able to grow creatively in harmony with oneself.

Fundacja MY PS-Psychometryczna Analiza Osobowości Raport