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The My PS psychometric personality analysis accurately diagnose the resources and development opportunities of the individual. Thanks to this, it can be effectively used during recruitment for organizations, career counseling, coaching sessions, determining the career path, in schools and universities

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Why MY PS is for you?


  • Increase of the provided services through adjusting the duties to employee’s talents.
  • Optimization of costs related to the recruitment and acquisition of new employees.
  • Shortening the time needed to implement a new employee.
  • Increase the quality of realized tasks and faster pace of development of the organization

Fundacja MY PS Psychometryczna analiza osobowości zastosowanie
Fundacja MY PS Psychometryczna analiza osobowości zastosowanie2

Individual person

  • Increase of self-awareness related to the verification of own talents and strengths
  • Help in developing professional career path
  • Setting out paths for professional development.
  • Enhanced self-respect and self-esteem level