MY PERSONALITY SKILLS –innovative integration of education and business, that optimize the processes occurring in organizations

Solutions for business and education

MY PS Psychometric analysis of personality

is a standardized, normalized and fully digital tool, which , in accurate manner diagnose the potential and personal resources in the context of further social and professional development

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Validation and certification of skills/qualifications

MY PS system of validation and certification of skills is a pioneering solution, since currently there are no other formalized systems of confirming skills on the market

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GreenComp competency validation and certification

system for the 12 competencies described in the European Sustainable Development Competency Framework

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Qualifications validation and certification system

MY PS Foundation is a certifying institution in the Integrated System of Qualifications

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Who we are?

We are a Certifying Authority in the Integrated Qualification System

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Validation branch

organizes and conducts the validation process according to the MY PS procedures and the privacy policy

Validation center

coordinates and monitors the validations processes conducted by its Validation Facilities

Validation assesor

verifies the learning effects, obtained by the validation participant, according to the procedure

Skill author

person or entity that submits an application for the inclusion of a skill to validation and certification