MY PS Competences Center

MY PS Competences Center

Competence analysis center is an entity which conducts activity in areas of economics, labor market, educational and training, which is entitled to use the MY PS methodology and tools in the process of diagnosing personal potential, constituting a reference point for the further development of the individual, both in the area of education, work and functioning in society

How to obtain the Competence Analysis Center status?

Provide conditions enabling the correct course of the diagnosis and consultation process, i.e.: access to properly prepared rooms, equipped with computer stations with Internet access, also creating appropriate conditions for the client’s cooperation with a consultant

Cooperate with the certified MY PS competence consultant before signing the contract with the MY PS Foundation

Fundacja MY PS - Centrum Analiz Kompetencyjnych

Gain the qualifications to conduct competency analyzes according to the MY PERSONALITY SKILLS methodology

Familiarize yourself with the accreditation procedure of the Competence Analysis Center



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