MY PS Validation Center

Become the Validation Center

The Validation Center is an entity with a well-established position on the market, which conducts business activity in the labor market or education area for at least 3 years.

The role of the Validation Center is to coordinate and monitor the validation processes implemented by the Validation branches subject to it and the exercise of substantive and methodical supervision on the behalf of the MY PS Foundation in the scope of implemented validation processes.

The MY PS Validation Center task is also backing its partners in promotional, marketing activities, conducting trainings, methodical meetings, providing support in solving problems or occurring difficulties.

Regardless of the above activities, the MY PS Validation Center carries out tasks in the field of validation of individual skills, on the principles set out for Validation Branches.


How to obtain the Validation Centre status?

invite at least 10 partners for cooperation, who will gain the MY PS Validation Branch status and are active in the field of validation

cooperate based on the appropriate contracts with the staff of experts, who guarantees providing proper quality of the conducted tasks

have adequate infrastructure and technical facilities, enabling efficient service of partners (in particular their training)

Fundacja MY PS Centrum Walidacyjne

Obtain permission to organize and conduct validation of qualifications and skills, in accordance with the MY PERSONALITY SKILLS methodology

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Become a partner entitled to validate qualifications and skills according to the MY PERSONALITY SKILLS methodology

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