Presentation consist in prepare and present the specified topic in the form of presentation in the front of the assessors committee. Presentation can take a form of poster, multimedia presentation or lecture. Both during and after the presentation, the assessors may ask the in-depth questions, that confirms meeting each of the validation criteria. By answering the assessors’ questions, the candidate has the opportunity to refer to the presented issues in a broader manner,  explain the doubts, or clarify the issues discussed

Characteristics of the method

This method can be used to verify the knowledge, skills and social competencies on every level of the Polish Qualifications Framework. The possibility of asking questions affects the validity, reliability and adequacy of this validation method. It allows to evaluate at the same time the communication skills of the candidate, the ability of public speaking, or the ways of coping with stress, which in case of some skills is significantly important. Presentation can be conducted both in stationary or remote conditions. Candidates are being verified individually, which needs to be included while planning the time and costs of the validation.

Correlation with other methods: this method is recommended on stage of identification, documentation and verification of the learning outcomes.

Fundacja MY PS | Prezentacja My Personality Skills

Why it is worth to select the presentation?

it allows to verify the knowledge, skills and social competences of the candidate. It can be conducted both stationary and remotely

it allows the assessors to ask the in-depth questions, which guarantees the accuracy and reliability of the evaluated learning outcomes

it allows to evaluate the candidate’s communication skills, public speaking skills, and the way of coping with stress

the method is adult friendly, it allows to present the broad knowledge, experience, allows to clarify the doubts

Fundacja MY PS Wywiad swobodny Ocena


The assessor’s role is to provide the candidate with detailed information about the purpose of the presentation, the evaluation criteria and the duration time for the presentation. During the presentation, the assessor fills the previously prepared evaluation card, indicating the fulfillment of subsequent verification criteria. The protocol is made from the conducted validation session. All the documents are filled in the electronic form, with the use of the dedicated application. Presentation can be combined with other validation methods, e.g. theoretical test, or interview, which can be conducted directly after the presentation finishes

Necessary resources


certified validation assessor, validation counselor, who, if needed provides the appropriate guidelines and explanations to the validation participant


properly prepared room, allowing the candidate to present the presentation and the assessor to perform evaluation and fill the necessary documents

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