Price catalog

Price catalog

Suggested fees for the validation are associated with the average salary in the national economy, announced annually by the Central Statistics Office.

According to the Central Statistics Office CEO announcement from 9th February 2021, average national salary in 2020 was 5167,47 PLN.

Suggested price update is done once a calendar year.

Validation and certification costs varies depending on the method, which is related with the necessity of providing proper technical, infrastructural and personnel conditions.

The prices below should be consider as suggested. The final cost of validation is set by the MY PS Validation branch. Certification fee is fixed.

Validation method

Certification cost

Suggested validation price

(% of the average salary)

Theoretical test

200 zł

 min. 258 zł – max. 517 zł  (5% – 10% ) 


300 zł

 min. 258 zł– max.  775 zł  (5% – 15%)

Evidences analysis

400 zł

 min. 517 zł – max. 775 zł (10% – 15%)

Interview, unstructured interview

400 zł

 min. 517 zł – max. 775 zł (10% – 15%)

Observation in simulated conditions,

Observation in real conditions

400 zł

 min. 517 zł – max. 1033 zł (10% – 20%)

Cooperate with us:

Validation Branch

organizes and conducts the validation process according to the MY PS procedures and the privacy policy

Validation Center

coordinates and monitors the validations processes conducted by its Validation Facilities

Validation assessor

verifies the learning effects, obtained by the validation participant, according to the procedure

Skill author

person or entity that submits an application for the inclusion of a skill to validation and certification