Statutory purposes

My Personality Skills Foundation activity

MY PERSONALITY SKILLS Foundation was established in order to operate the scientific- research activity in the field of psychological – social analysis, as well as conduct and support activities for harmonious development based on talents, abilities and predispositions

Statutory purposes

  • organizing different forms of help, in particular: psychological, legal aid, financial, advisory assistance
  • conducting trainings, courses and workshops, and science meetings
  • working towards professional and social integration, and reintegration of people at risk of social exclusion
  • undertaking activities in the field of professional activation and employment promotion as well as promoting and organizing volunteering
  • endowing scholarships, especially for talented children and youth from the families at risk of social exclusion
  • cooperation with commercial entities with purpose to use the scientific research results in practice
  • cooperation with institutions and entities of the labor market in order to optimize the degree of matching the job positions to the preferences of individuals

Fundacja MY PS - cele statutowe

How do we achieve our goals?

  • analysis and research in particular of the labor market, economy, human resources, as well as promoting development and scientific knowledge
  • educational institutions activity
  • creating development programs and strategies
  • organizing meetings, lectures, seminars, trade shows, conferences and other events of scientific nature

We pursue our goals in:

Cooperate with us:

Validation Branch

organizes and conducts the validation process according to the MY PS procedures and the privacy policy

Validation Center

coordinates and monitors the validations processes conducted by its Validation Facilities

Validation assessor

verifies the learning effects, obtained by the validation participant, according to the procedure

Skill author

person or entity that submits an application for the inclusion of a skill to validation and certification