Unstructured interview

Unstructured interview is method of identifying and verifying the learning outcomes which consist in conducting an individual talk, during which the assessors ask the participant open questions that allow presentation of the acquired knowledge and skills of given range. This method is very flexible, as the assessor has the ability to adjust the questions to the course of the validation process and the participant’s needs

Characteristics of the method

The interview method is used in the validation process to identify and verify the learning outcomes. Conversation can be conducted in the form of the unstructured interview, in which the participant is asked the open questions, based on the previously prepared general plan. Since its flexibility, this method is often recommended to verify the learning outcomes obtained outside the formal education. It can be used to verify the knowledge, skills and social competences. The interview is conducted individual with every person undertaking validation, which must be taken into consideration while planning conditions, time and cost of this method.

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Why is it worth to select the unstructured interview?

It provides verifying the substantive range of skills in wider scope than theoretical tests

It allows avoiding the confusion related with the misinterpretation of question. The assessor checks the understanding of the question on an ongoing basis

Cechuje się dużą elastycznością, a przebieg walidacji dostosowany jest do odpowiedzi i postawy zdającego

Może być stosowana zarówno na etapie identyfikowania, jak i weryfikowania efektów uczenia się

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The assessor makes the interview evaluation card for each participant, documenting the fulfillment of individual evaluation criteria. The protocol is prepared after the validation session. Every document is filled in electronic form, using the dedicated application. Due to the need for documentation, the interview is subject to registration, therefore the validation center is obliged to provide appropriate recording equipment.

Correlation with other methods: unstructured interview can be combined with other validation methods, e.g. observation in simulated conditions, observation in real conditions, analysis of evidence and declarations.

Necessary resources


certified validation assessor, validation counselor who, if necessary will provide the appropriate guidelines and explanation to the validation participants


stands for the assessor and validation participants equipped with a computer with Internet access, recording equipment. Stationery if required

Quality policy

By optimizing the validation process with the use of free interview method, recommendations were formulated that should be met, including in particular:

the assessor should inform the candidate about the conduct of the validation process, gain his acceptance to register the interview process and provide the appropriate organization and material conditions

in order to minimize the feeling of discomfort and stress of the person with whom the interview will be conducted, the assessor should take care to create possibly friendly conditions for its course

the person who will conduct the interview with the candidate should be equipped with the appropriate research tools, helpful in carrying out and documenting it, e.g. interview plan, interview scenario