Validation assessor

Who the validation assessor is?

The Validation assessor is a person, who, based on the indicated criteria verifies the learning outcomes obtained by the validation participant, according with the procedure applicable for the given validation method. The validation assessor can cooperate with various MY PS Validation centers.

The validation assessor certificate needs to be renewed after 5 years.

How to obtain the Validation assessor certificate?

higher education, comply or related with the area of a given skill, or minimum of 5 years professional experience comply or related with the area of a given skill

knowledge of the topic related to the Integrated Qualifications Register, validation, labor market and education

fluency in the topic of learning outcomes and verification criteria settled for skills

participation in the training for validation assessors, followed with knowledge test and obtaining the MY PS assessor/examiner certificate

Certified training for the Validation assessor

Fundacja MY PS Asesor walidacyjny

Obtain the authority to conduct the validation of the skills according to the My Personality Skills methodology

Fill the accreditation form and join the circle of the validation Assessors

Closest certification training dates:

11 February 2022

11 April 2022

Become the validation Assessor in accordance to the MY PERSONALITY SKILLS methodology

Fill the contact form based on we start the accreditation procedure of your organization