Validation consultant


Validation consultant is a person, whose task is supporting the validation participants on every stage of the process, e.g. identification, documentation, verification, certification.

Due to the changing legal provisions, guidelines and regulations, the certificate of validation consultant must be renewed after 5 years

How to obtain the validation consultant status?

higher degree or vocational higher degree

knowledge of the topic related with the Integrated Qualifications Register, validation, labor market and education


knowledge of the methods and tools used in the process of identifying and documentation of the learning outcomes

participation in the training for the validation consultants, followed with knowledge test and obtaining the Certificate

Certification training for the validation consultant

Fundacja MY PS Konsultant walidacyjny

Obtain the authority of the validation consultant, in accordance with the MY PERSONALITY SKILLS methodology

Learn more about the validation consultant certification program

Closest certification training dates:

19 March 2022

27 April 2022

Become the validation consultant in accordance with MY PERSONALITY SKILLS

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