About validation

Validation is checking whether the applicant for a specific qualification/skill – regardless of the way in which the person learns – has achieved a separate part or all of the learning outcomes required for this qualification/skill
Fundacja MY PS- o walidacji

Stages of the validation process:

For whom in particular is the skill validation important?

Professionally active

who want to change their job or profession in order to make better use of the skills acquired during work or as part of their non-professional activities

People at risk of exclusion

who have acquired new knowledge and skills, important from the point of view of employment opportunities

People returning to the labor market

after longer period of time, during which they had acquired new skills (i.e. taking care of children or other family members)

People with lower education level

who prematurely finished formal education and currently need confirmation of skills acquired outside the education system


who gained new skills through volunteering activity or pursuing their interests and would like to obtain a certificate confirming what they have learned

People who follow their passion

who want to gain new skills, develop and grow according to own needs, preferences and personal predispositions

My Personality Skills are the validation methods of the learning outcomes, adjusted to the individual needs of participants, as well as to the specificity of the skills confirmed

Cooperate with us:

Validation Branch

Validation facility organizes and realizes the validation process according with the procedures

Validation Center

coordinates and monitors the validations processes conducted by its Validation Facilities

Validation assessor

verifies the learning effects, obtained by the validation participant, according to the procedure

Skill author

person or entity that submits an application for the inclusion of a skill to validation and certification