ZSK certification


Based on the Decision of the Minister of Development and Technology No. DNP-IX.4811.9.2023 of March 13, 2013, the My Personality Skills Foundation was authorized to certify the qualification “Planning, creating and distributing marketing content (content marketing)”

Characteristics of the qualification

A person with the qualification “Planning, creating and distributing marketing content (content marketing)” is ready to independently undertake activities related to planning, creating and distributing marketing content. He or she analyzes the needs and preferences of marketing content audiences, prepares and distributes marketing content. Is prepared to conduct content marketing projects. As part of the project tasks undertaken, plans and delegates team and supplier tasks. A person with the qualification can find employment, among others, in agencies (PR, marketing, creative, social media), companies and institutions that conduct or want to conduct marketing content activities. Professional activities can be carried out within the framework of their own business or provide contracted services.

The validation process provides for the verification of three sets of learning, as defined for qualifications:

What is the validation process like?

Validation of the qualification “Planning, creation and distribution of marketing content (content marketing)” is carried out in two stages:

  1. theoretical exam, conducted by MY PS Validation Centers using an electronic examination system.
  2. practical exam, conducted using the following methods of verification: simulation, interview with the committee and analysis of evidence.

The theoretical exam is conducted by an operator, while the practical part is carried out by two members of the validation committee. The MY Personality Skills Foundation ensures the impartiality of those conducting the validation.